GAMAX Management funds available through Legal & General International (Ireland) Limited products

December 15 2011
Investment company, GAMAX Management AG, has announced a cooperation agreement with financial services firm, Legal & General International (Ireland) Limited. Beginning immediately, Independent financial advisors and clients of the Dublin-based life insurer will be able to include GAMAX funds in their unit-linked insurance portfolios. With its active management approach, the funds managed by DJE Kapital AG in Munich are geared particularly toward long-term wealth accumulation. Fund management targets consistent low volatility while maintaining outperformance against the benchmark.

GAMAX Management has successfully completed its first step into the UK market. 

“We are delighted that our products are available through Legal & General International (Ireland) Limited, part of one of the most successful financial services companies in the UK,” says Furio Pietribiasi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of GAMAX Management AG. 

As of now, GAMAX Management's fund products are available to Legal & General’s life insurance clients. The International Portfolio Bond unit-linked policy from Legal & General International (Ireland) Limited allows clients and their financial advisors to create a portfolio of investment products that fit their individual investment needs. 

“We are confident that our GAMAX funds, under the management of DJE Kapital AG, will be seen as a dependable option by UK investors,” says Pietribiasi.

Sound Fund Management with a Solid Track Record

Particularly when it comes to building wealth over time, DJE’s management of GAMAX funds has logged perhaps the most solid track record of any company across the entire spectrum of market conditions. Performance of GAMAX Funds Junior (ISIN LU0073103748) and GAMAX Funds Maxi Fund Asia International (ISIN LU0039296719) are prime examples of this accomplishment. Both funds have sustained low volatility and persistently outperformed their benchmarks, with respective returns of 47,65 and 41,02 percent over a three-year period (as at 30 November 2011). International fund rating agencies like Morningstar affirm the high quality of GAMAX investments. 

In addition to the two funds above, Legal & General will also offer the following GAMAX funds: GAMAX Funds Top 100 (ISIN LU0060709143) and GAMAX Funds Maxi-Bond (ISIN LU0051667300).

“This cooperation opens up the door to an attractive clientele of wealthy individuals, whose investment decisions are made together with their independent financial advisors – another interesting target group for our products,” says Pietribiasi. “Over the coming months, we intend to use the quality of our investment fund products and our outstanding service performance, to win additional cooperation agreements and further the availability of GAMAX funds for private and institutional investors in the UK capital market.”