Notice to Unitholders of Gamax Funds FCP - Maxi-bond 

February 01 2024

Prospectus of Gamax Funds FCP

Mediolanum International Funds Limited, the appointed management company (the “Management Company”) to the GAMAX FUNDS FCP (the “Fund”), wishes to notify the unitholders of the Fund that the following non-material administrative changes were implemented to the prospectus of the Fund (the “Prospectus”) dated “January 2024”:

Replacement of the references to RBC Investor Services Bank S.A. (RBC) with CACEIS Investor Services Bank S.A. (CACEIS) throughout the Prospectus and amendment to the wording in section 6.5.“Depositary bank, central administration agent, transfer agent and register” following the acquisition of RBC by CACEIS

The changes described above are not material changes to the Prospectus.