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In developing products, MIFL starts from the principle that a successful retail investment cannot be developed and managed using a single management style or a rigid product structure, and even less so by maintaining the same investment style for the entire life of the product. This is especially true in the context of the current market environment when investment conditions are subject to continuous change creating new challenges and opportunities. For this reason, MIFL has developed a holistic approach to product development and management which is continually evolving, making flexibility and adaptability its core strength.

MIFL plays a fundamental role in combining and blending various components of the development and management process sourced internally and from third parties. When combined, using MIFL’s structuring expertise and experience, the result is client-focused products and services which assume the features of personalised solutions which can no longer be defined as simple products.

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In this regard, the company has acquired in-depth experience as a Manager of retail-focused investment product solutions. MIFL can offer non-standard fund choices including non-traditional funds built up through a robust open innovation product development process composed of the following main phases: the assessment of market trends, threats and opportunities and the needs of the customer leveraging off the additional inputs of MedLab®, open innovation contests (proprietary form of professional crowdsourcing for investment solutions with embedded protections for intellectual property protection as well as competitive protections via geographic exclusivity arrangements) the selection and structuring phase to design and customise the final solution and finally the creation and launch of a new fund / product / service.

MIFL products may be classified as follows:

UCITS Funds (Unit Trusts which are Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities under the European Communities (UCITS) Regulations 2011); these schemes can be marketed within the European Union, provided that the scheme is  authorised in Ireland and a cross-border notification has been made to the relevant jurisdiction:

  • Challenge Funds 
    (date of authorisation: 25 Feb. 1998);
  • Mediolanum Best Brands 
    (date of authorisation: 27 Oct. 1998);
  • Mediolanum Portfolio Fund 
    (date of authorisation: 07 Feb. 2005) NOTE: The Mediolanum Portfolio Fund fully redeemed on the 13th April 2018;

Non-UCITS Funds (Unit Trust Schemes which are authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland under the Unit Trusts Act, 1990):

  • Mediolanum Fund of Hedge Funds 
    (date of authorisation: 12 Apr. 2005).