GAMAX Funds Junior invests in shares of successful companies whose products, services or brands target the younger generation, to profit from global demographic growth trends and higher disposable incomes. We believe these companies offer the best opportunities for above-average growth.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Active Management style combining Growth & Quality
  • Low volatility outcome with a focus on controlling downside risks at all stages of the process
  • Benchmark agnostic with broad global diversification. We only invest in shares of companies we strongly believe in whether or not they belong to the reference index.
  • Exploits the global growth opportunities of international market and sector leaders that focus on younger consumers
  • Thematic layer used both as a source of ideas as well as a screening tool
  • Rigorous bottom-up stock selection leveraging an in-house independent research team with extensive on-the-ground company meetings
  • Active currency hedging where justifiable and economical
  • Dynamic cash allocation (up to 10%)

Fund data


Management company Mediolanum International Funds Limited
Depository bank RBC Investor Services Bank S.A., Luxembourg
Domicile Luxembourg
Legal form FCP
Regulatory status: UCITS
Registered in: Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Spain, and Italy
ISIN: share class A / I LU0073103748 / LU0743996067
Launch date of Fund: 03.02.1997 / 06.03.2012
Fund assets (millions): 151.93 EUR (31.05.2016)
Fund currency: EUR
Distribution policy: Accumulation
Issuing premium: 6.08% (of NAV) / 0.00% (of NAV)
Management fee: 1.50% / 0.90%
Advisory fee: 0.30% / 0.00%
Performance Fee: Maximum fee is 1% annually, calculated as 20% of the increase of the net asset value in excess of the High-Water-Mark plus a hurdle rate of 5%.

KIID Overview

The Key Investor Information Document or KIID, aims to provide investors with standardised investment information, clearly setting out the essential characteristics of a fund or share class necessary to understand the nature and risks of investing in the fund or share class.

Fund ISIN Reference Date NAV per Share 1M 3M YTD 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
GAMAX Junior A LU0073103748 31/10/2022 18.2 2.54% -7.19% -17.87% 12.72% 13.44% 21.78% -5.32% 11.25% 0.60% 14.30% 12.98% 19.54% 10.69%
GAMAX Junior I LU0743996067 31/10/2022 24.02 2.61% -6.97% -17.20% 13.10% 14.36% 22.90% -4.45% 12.16% 1.67% 15.36% 13.97% 20.53%  

“Past performance is not a guide to future performance.  Performance figures shown are Net of Fees and include the reinvestment of all income.“