MIFL believes in the concept of Innovation as the process for creating new ideas and turning them into new business value; in particular we believe in permanent innovation. Permanent innovation contrasts with random, intermittent, or one-shot innovation processes, none of which are sufficient for today’s markets, and none of which are the basis for the excellence we aspire to.

With this purpose, MIFL undertakes significant proprietary research and development and collaborates with selected international partners with a view towards developing in-house tailored solutions. We believe that this will ensure the delivery of value adding investment products and services to our predominantly European retail client base.

The unique nature and added value generated by MIFL does not depend on "revolutionary" discoveries, but on the ability to combine, aggregate and modify existing technologies and/or techniques in an innovative manner to create new and constantly update existing fund solutions.

Shaping evolving market best practice

Given the challenges in the Financial Services industry and in order to create new market space and minimize competition pressures in those markets in which we choose to compete, MIFL is also one of the pioneers for the protection of Intellectual Property (IP) in the Fund Industry and is very active and involved in shaping evolving market best practice in this area.

Traditionally companies generate innovation internally through their own creative efforts however this has not always proved sufficient to sustain competitive advantage.

Therefore, MIFL in its research and development process, leverages on an open network of collaborators.

Registration of Innovative Processes as Trademarks

The company has decided to register as trademarks, innovative processes or other unique ideas in order to assign to them a proper differentiation compared to the common practice available among competitors.

A trade mark creates an official record of your rights as owner of a particular trade mark and makes it easier to prevent others from using it.

The policy of protection implemented by MIFL plays a strong strategic role as it ensures an increase in the intrinsic value of the company through the protection of its own know how.